Confusion is the Priority of the Left. Enter Rhetorical-Nihilism.

Denial is the measurement of liberal morality. Confusion is the rationale of denial.


“A leftist is someone who, in the face of mass-rape, economic disaster, terror and animal cruelty prioritises the open borders that cause it”


This is the essence of the contemporary European Left in a single tweet. It’s open-border nihilism[1]. Halal-slaughter, hatred towards dogs, petting-zoo animals killed by Muslim children, these (ignored) problems will just have to increase because open-borders trumps all. The “rape-game”, child-rape and targeting women who don’t dress according to the dictate of a minority will just have to increase because open-borders uber alles. Terror attacks will just have to become more frequent because open-borders are here, and change would be difficult. Economic downfall will just have to happen because open-borders make commerce easier for now. The civil war this all will lead to just has to happen because the left and liberals feel queasy about reality.

To evade reality, liberals and the left will invoke “Nuance”. “Nuance” according to the left: the ability to conjure up a motivation or cause other than Islam. The ability to mistake a claim about societal and cultural matters for a claim about absolute logical certainty. It is deliberate misinterpretation. It is nitpicking in order to miss the point. It is weak deflections and red herrings. Mistaking closed borders for deportation. Often, it is used interchangeably with “polite”. It is the “politeness” of ignoring harassment, violence; the misery of others.

To display such a barrage of stupidity should be the cause of some embarrassment.  That it doesn’t indicates what I hereby dub rhetorical-nihilism: all stupidity and dishonesty is permissible if the noise drowns out the opponent. It betrays an unreflective contempt for the opposition: a blind belief that the opponents are such knuckle-dragging, amoral troglodytes that there is no shame about displaying a lack of basic comprehension and reasoning.

Striking is the attempt to dismiss Geert Wilders by stating he has no perfect solutions. I’m sorry, do we chase nirvana via politics now? Wilders is simply my choice because Islam and mass-migration are the greatest threats on each issue. It is the greatest threat to safety, our identity, our diminishing green; the unique beauty of European nature, which belongs to our children, which will have to be filled with flats to house new arrivals. They are the greatest threats to our education, our economy, animal rights, women’s rights and gay rights. It causes crime, no-go zones, terror, and eventually civil war.

Our youth is raised by people who grew up in an environment completely alien to that of the young baby-boomers. Young-adults having children today might already skip the liberal and leftwing dogmas of self-hate and pacifism. The circumstances are creating a new creed of European that will not shirk spilling blood when cornered. But considering the rising anger, it might happen long before those who forced it on us have died of old age.

“Human rights”: an absolute divine code that ensures the end of human rights.

“Freedom” and “justice”: lawlessness until dissent must be silenced.

“Fake news”: anything that dares to cover what traditional left-wing media tries to omit. The phenomenon precedes the term.

“European nature”: open space to build housing blocks for immigrants.

“Peaceful protest”: laying the foundation for a police-state.

“Animal rights”: Wishing Muslims a happy Eid Mubarak.

The farce human rights has become completely evaporates in a civil war. Kill-or-be-killed is a far cry from faux-ethics, where airheads wave a placard inviting the world into someone else’s home. Consumer-behaviour will focus less on luxury products or fine-dining, and more on sustenance. Those attacking Wilders risk creating the opposite of an environment they can flourish in. Their willful confusion has real life consequences that should outweigh their reluctance to admit they were wrong. Today, we live the decisions made decades ago. If we don’t change course now, if we wait until we feel the consequences of looking away today we might not just live a bloodbath, we may very well live an orgy of sadistic revenge. Populism is our last chance at a peaceful solution. Seize it!


[1] Consequences, lives and reality itself are subservient to a single ideal. Given the increasingly violent tendencies of the hard left in the US, and the disregard of suffering by the European left, a quick look into the revolutionary nihilists isn’t a bad idea.



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