Open Closets: Ask for Our Ridicule; I Am Begging for Yours!

Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg copy

original article in Dutch:

Cowardly cheese-head! Thick Dutchman! Tut-tut-dictatorship!

We’ve had it a long time coming.  The Wall Street Journal published a piece on the second Wilders-trial. Our big, democratic friend across the ocean sees there’s “less, less” freedom of expression on the old continent, and they don’t like it one bit. This is good. The American public is vast and their language is understood across borders: what America sees, the world sees. After a wider American public caught wind of Tommy Robinson’s state-persecution, it became acceptable to support him. Result: a donation-campaign to pay for Mr. Robinson’s legal representation. Robinson was acquitted. The judge noted the case was “cagey”.

The shift in the international perception has been ongoing for quite some time. The Western Gutmensch has no message for nations in crisis except “tut-tut-tut, How dare you not commit suicide!” The formerly exemplary nations, lauded by the Gutmensch, says it all: it was once our own Netherlands. After Fortuyn, the reality of our nether regions became less enticing. Seemlessly, the praise shifted to “Scandinavia”, Sweden in particular. At this point, I assume it is the false ideal which is praised. Denial-of-truth is how the Gutmensch measures morality.  All the while it is the “xenophobes” who wish health, prosperity and safety to nations across the globe, and call to dethrone elites who are hostile towards the own nation, the own people. It is with the “xenophobes” you will find an international brotherhood of men.

To those who’s country is being ruined by the results of  PC madness: tell us your dirty secrets! Declare to the world how your establishment betrays you, humiliates you. Too proud to use English?  You’re being sold, beaten and raped; your country is given away to those that see you as cattle, and this is how you defend your pride? Beg for our ridicule; I am begging for yours! Rage at the Dutch public persecution service, condemn British authorities for facilitating sharia, despise Germany for its censorship while migrant-crime is rampant. Let Sweden know it is considered a sad joke.

Can you bear the shame? Have some self-respect!




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