Moral Cultivation

blocksGuilt Beyond the Pain, Understanding Slave Morality Matters

The obvious consequences of open-border nihilism are slowly, despite the best efforts of news outlets, beginning to make themselves clear.

The political machinations to make this a reality, with far worse yet to come, are being brought into the open thanks to hacktivists and all those digging through the revelations. But why were these the machinations that succeeded?

Corruption succeeds where it is allowed to succeed. It succeeds by being hidden. But what we have seen over the past years is how it can succeed even in the open. It has succeeded by a media allowing it to do so. A media allowed to do so by its public.

Which machinations succeed, which lies are given a free pass, depends on the morality of their environment. There will always be nihilists ready to burn the world for their ideal, and cynics looking to exploit the gullible and the current state of affairs. The shape and extent of their success will be determined by whichever morality is dominant.

It is vital we learn how this morality has shaped the Western reaction to Islamisation.

A concerned citizen, after bringing attention to the hostility of Islam, would find themselves condemned by the very culture they intended to save. The media-hemlock that led to the murder of Pim Fortuyn is most telling. Time after time, a person becomes aware of the threat and seeks to counter it, only to be demonised by, and dragged into battles with, the suicide-enforcing elements of the left (which today appears to be all of it.) Such xenophilia is simply hatred of the “self” (by proxy, as always).

This proxy-suicide persists in an environment of airhead slander-monkeys. The battlefield of ideas was traditionally, and still is to some extent, the media-machinery. As such, it is and was a battlefield shaped by the “convictions” of the media giants.  In this battle for the public, entertainers chip in by displaying their astounding lack of knowledge and their childish non-reasoning. Perhaps this kept their fans from thinking. In their endless virtue-signalling we discover a complete disregard for truth, aided by an astounding inability for basic reasoning.

A political hurdle appears in the form of the open-border nihilist.  Not only do we find a disregard for truth and honesty, we see an almost aggressive lack of care for the suffering already caused. This might fill the casual observer with confusion. Yet neither are surprising when we consider their alignment with an hitherto unopposed morality. Any action, any lie, any suffering caused is permissible to the nihilist. They believe their ideal, suicide by proxy in practice, to be an absolute moral cause. A reality filled with pain is not seen when rationality is superseded by morality. Well, we shall counter theirs with a moral core that needs no lie!

Which morality will form  the entertainment and media environment will be the morality to offer it profit: it must be wide-spread. Which “virtue” be signaled by narcissist will be whatever gets them applause. The audience will go along because their morality supersedes their rationality. The proxy-suicide is inspired and enforced by virtue-signaling, it IS virtue-signaling in itself. The virtue-signaling is inspired by narcissism, the narcissism appeals to what is virtuous:

What is virtuous follows from the dominant morality.

Even “our” side, convinced of its rationality, was unable to make a moral argument outside of the parameters of the Slave Morality. Look no further than the usual moral framing of the preceding paragraphs. Faced with the reality of genocidal hatred by non-Western agents, the taboo to confront the abuse, rape and murder was dubbed…

“The bigotry of low-expectations”

Don’t tell me you believe this limpwristed, moral cowardice. Europeans are raped and slaughtered, and the refusal to acknowledge this is bigotry against “the other”? Like the abuse itself, it is bigotry against the West that won’t tackle this! It is the belief the own state and order is the obstacle, the sheer inability to see “other” as the aggressor and oppressor. Not enough to see the Slave Morality? Look at the moronic implication of the phrase again: it not only twists xenophilic self-hate into bigotry by “us”, it absolves guilt through victimhood!

The Slave Morality, with its absolute monopoly on Western morality, and subsequently, the softer academic fields, has not just caused all the physical suffering we are facing and will face. Its incessant droning of self-hate has been telling the West that morality and intellectual thought are hostile. It is turning the West against the notions of morality and intellectual thought themselves!

So I  quote the great poet, Adam Mickiewicz:

Let us spit on the crust

and I reiterate:

We shall counter theirs with a moral core that needs no lie! 

We don’t have the luxury of time for the socialite liberal’s opinion-fashion to catch up with reality. They’re killing us for the sake of social niceties, for their position in polite society. We certainly can’t cope with the cultural death-wish of the left any longer. To not oppose the demands of these two with everything we’ve got is the evil of pacifism: it hands power to the cruel; it means being replaced by a morality of sadism. The slave morality, once a tool against oppression, now continually forces us to drag a decade or more behind those seeking to eradicate us and our history. We can die and sell our children into slavery for this morality, or we can abort morality altogether. Or, instead, we examine our needs today, think of the future we wish on our children and the world, and build a new morality of strength and compassion. A morality must grow naturally, according to needs; but have not learned enough to cultivate? A cultivated moral landscape. Isn’t that worth fighting for?


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