The Moral Whip

There’s a phrase I often use:


“Note how the whip of the self-flagellating always seeks the backs of others”


We all note the witch finder mentality of SJWs. We all note the proposed “virtue” of self-hatred. That these two merge together is of no surprise either. Any evil becomes permissible if you’re convinced of your absolute moral superiority. A moral free-pass to do harm will always be abused[2]. The whip isn’t the means to an end, it is the end in itself.

Today, we have the crybully phenomenon in the West. It is perfectly in line with the Slave Morality’s elevation of weakness. As witch finders go, they are preferable to the other kinds. They don’t have the power to send you to the stake, they’re not a gulag that can send you to an internment or “labour” camp. However, as the morality has outlived its use, it is no longer a morality that seeks to end suffering:

Again, I want to bring focus to its core: the use and origin of the Slave Morality resides in the needs of the Ancient slave. The need of the powerless, the need of they who experience suffering inflicted by the powerful in the own society. In this sense, for millennia, it has battled against suffering, because this has been a continuous source of suffering.

The constant need to create victims of society and its counter-productive effects are no mystery when we view it as a morality made for a past reality. From the hierarchy that follows from the oppression-Olympics, to the blind spot for transgression on their morality from “the other” (to the ancient slave, the enemy was the own state.)

Particular insidious is how, via these inventions of victim-hierarchies, self-hatred is presented to children. Especially white, Western children will hear: “WE should be ashamed, WE should hate ourselves”. A child’s mind does not have many defenses as it is. “WE” bypasses the fact that this is condemnation coming from an outside entity. This is how vile the self-flagellators are; it is not enough that children can’t possibly have the historical knowledge and vocabulary to articulate any objections, they want the child to be clueless what is being done.

Humans are a social species. The tactics of these witch finders exploit this to the fullest to cause harm: demonisation and slander, calls to have people fired, and increasingly the call for violence. But their true vice is their insistence we pave the way for the witch finders to replace them. It is the cultural suicide they insist on that leads to beheading, stoning and crucifixion.

The masochist seeking the sadist, the slave seeking the oppressor? It has a nice ring to it. Yet I don’t see any evidence of the SJW seeking these things, I only see evidence of denial. Their redundant morality supersedes whatever rationality they might possess.  A brief moment of pleasing this redundant morality; for this they will ensure the replacement of civilisation by a theism of sadism. Perpetual guilt.




[2] Similarly, we should be more worried about the groundwork being laid for politicised narcissistic violence.


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