Dutch Flame:  Frontline Makes Soldiers

dutchflaceProfound vulgarity


“Nasz naród jak lawa

Z wierzchu zimna i twarda, sucha i plugawa

Lecz wewnętrznego ognia sto lat nie wyziębi

Plwajmy na tę skorupę i zstąpmy do głębi…”


“Our nation is like lava,

On the surface it is hard, hideous and debased.

But its inner fire,

Cannot be extinguished even in a hundred years of coldness.

So let us spit on the crust,

And go down, into the true core”


Power! In a few lines you can feel the history connecting a nation and its people. The ugly realities are not just acknowledged, they are an integral part of the poem and Poland itself. This poem, by the great Polish/Lithuanian poet Adam Mickiewicz, was born from the pain of the Polish partitions. They spat on this “hideous crust” and reached for a binding, Polish culture and identity; the inextinguishable fire, to forge the nation state by and for the Polish people. And doesn’t the physical “spit” separate the “inner fire” from poetic banality?


Powerful poetry from patriotism. From Polish feeling and being. Such an unobtainable fire for the Dutch spirit and mind. Or is it?


Dutch patriotism does not mix with non-visual art. On the contrary, bad taste is expressed with such energy, aggression almost, that this philistinic nihilism becomes the core of a uniquely Dutch anti-art art. The monotony of the Dutch house-bass, the complete lack of substance to “ski-hut” are both idiosyncratically Dutch. Dutch humour is crude and centers around the obscene. Dutch thinking itself consists more of referring to existing sources than original thought[1][2][3][4].  All of this makes the intentional vulgar phrasing in new Dutch media (imagine professional shitposting) more than counter-balance against the dry, empty, “professional” established journalism; it speaks directly from the Dutch spirit. Why?


Forgive me for being a broken record yet again, but the foundation of these cultural problems lies in the Slave Morality. Its current shape has some new, superficial oddities, due to mass media and the information era. Again, I want to bring focus to its core: the use and origin of the Slave Morality resides in the needs of the Ancient slave. The need of the powerless, the need of they who experience suffering inflicted by the powerful in the own society. In this sense, for millennia, it has battled against suffering, because this has been a continuous source of suffering.


In post-WW2 Netherlands the Slave morality won its last battles. Without suffering brought about by oppression it became a redundant morality. The last skirmishes about sick-leave could never satisfy its lust for revolt. So it gorged itself on art and culture. The power of culture and entertainment in politics is finally being understood. But it wasn’t born to be a chessboard for Soros and his ilk. It spawned from the urge to further overthrow order. Rebellion as a plaything: Rock ‘n Roll brought the sensation and self-image the baby-boomers craved. From rebels without a cause to the anti-Western dream of 68, cultural identity became a matter of generation and pop-culture. Pop idols amplified a political voice because “he’s very progressive, actually”.


The core remained contempt for the order of the own society, contempt for pride, strength and anything beyond the banal. Contempt for profundity. The word “profound” might be a much desired status-symbol, but only when it adheres to the norm. In other words, as long as it dresses up the conventional “wisdom” in some new phrasing. Rephrasing of the socially mandated, hollow pop-litanies.


Art became redundant, empty and meaningless, because the morality that fed art had become redundant, empty and meaningless. How can you ever create meaning if you shackle your mind and spirit with mandated “virtues” of self-effacement? Degraded by the monotony of the Slave Morality, philistinic nihilism becomes liberating. Perhaps the monotony of the house-bass was hammering on those shackles all along…


Is this not the divide in Dutch society? A dichotomy between a conform-culture feeding on the last fumes of a dying morality against anti-grace, anti-morality? Then the anti-morality is more moral, the anti-grace his in better taste: they touch a core of truth.


Philistinic nihilism might not be sickly, as is the case with the norm-culture, but it cannot inspire. It’s an amusing triggering of frivolous sensitivities. It even seems to feed itself with the Slave Morality as it wears it down. But it offers no alternative morality for today’s needs, for the needs of the future. It doesn’t feed the soul.


At face-value, that Polish, eternal fire seems antithetical to being Dutch. The difference between a proud culture and a hedonistic culture is overwhelming. But is this not fertile soil? To regain pride after humiliation? I see a culture without morality, but with a need to birth one. A need as strong as survival itself. The most powerful moral core.


In Leiden, something interesting happened. A group of youngsters appeared on a photograph holding banners. The most “controversial” banner states “we will fight Muslims”. I don’t care much that they phrased it “Muslims” rather than “Salafists” or “Islamists”. Seeing as the established press has done so much work to convince me kids like this are all uneducated, I don’t think it would be very fair for me to critique their use of nomenclature. I also call them “youngsters” rather than “youths” because I have not come across any reports of them killing a person for the mere thrill of it, creating no-go zones, terrorising neighbourhoods, calling for the genocide of Jews and Christians, assaulting gay men for being openly gay, labeling products in a supermarket because they’re Jewish Israeli. Islamic terrorists are slaughtering Europeans, Muslim youth-gangs engage in lower grade violence the news hardly covers. Then there are the rapes, rapes, and more rapes. In reaction to the picture with the kids waving Dutch flags, concerns are expressed about another group who once climbed on top of a mosque with a banner. WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS AGAIN, HOW CAN I SLEEP AT NIGHT?


Does anyone real need a remindeder that the young will have to suffer through far more of Europe’s Islamification? Do I need to point out that they already suffer more of it? At school, public transport, while going out, THEY feel and pay the price of political correctness. Are these “xenophobic oiks” or are these young Dutch people claiming the right of life. The right to BE.


If they are claiming the right of life, if they reject the current proxy-suicide through THEM, are we really selfish and cowardly enough to let them fall prey to hate-campaigns and abuse of power? While they see, LIVE, what the streets have become? While they are confronted with violence, intimidation, humiliation, and the awareness of a horrific future. They’ve been thrown into the frontlines, and now the cowardly filth blames them for becoming soldiers!


Survival is a primal moral. If we look away, after all the misery we’ve heaped on these kids, we have no right to protest if their new morality will seem “extreme” to us. Old point about glorifying a morality of self-hate:


“If this morality is not countered by an honest intellectual class, what is to stop people flocking to its most well known antithesis once they can bear it no longer?”


It is well possible this is yet another group of frustrated kids who, once they gain the comfort of steady pay and their own living space, will learn to ignore society. But a Dutch flame, a new morality, will light up sooner or later. The days of its ignition will be the moment to instill it with compassion, love and art. FEED this morality art, feed it love if you want love in return. Make it into a beacon, a festival of lights BEFORE the dark sets in.


That it may be an inferno, casting a long, black shadow, if none come to their aid.


***Edited 03-06-2017






[1] Duth thinking excels in pure analytive a priori2  subjects. In applied mathematics and hard siences 3  the Dutch come into their own. In doing this, the pragmatic4 Dutch turn their weakness into strength.

[2] A ladida way to say “thinking in clear steps after gaining the initial data”. With this term you automatically refer to existing work and your knowledge thereof.  References and ladida phrases give than nice illusaion of academia and hard science. However, tt doesn’t seem to add much to the readers understanding until it also becomes and actual science. It’s the difference between empty form; a circus, and functional form.

[3] The Dutch are good at that

[4] Yes, the term was coined by Peirce, at Harvard, no, this does not mean that pragmatism in its everyday sense didn’t exist yet.


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