The Core of Morality: the Right and DUTY to LIVE



The universal core of human morality is survival and thriving of the group. I’ll pass on fixating on natural selection and survival for the group, as Darwin and morals has been done to death by experts and hobbyists on evolution alike. Thankfully, we’re a social species, which means our core morality gets a genetic injection of kindness, care, altruism and all those ways we make life better not just for ourselves, but also for one another. Monogamy, the only assurance a father had the child was his, the practical reasons to abhor incest aligning with moral condemnation. There, evolution done for the purpose of this rant. What follows is a moral core. The primal golden rule “Do unto others…”, which is really just a verbal reflection on empathy. But as it is put into language, it becomes abstracted: a moral code; a system. A “true” moral system should be true to human nature: it must be aligned with basic social cooperation which is innate in humans. You can test how counter a moral system is to human nature by its dependence on propaganda and indoctrination. Ultimately, a “false” system will try to strangle human nature by empowering a select few, or single, innate human morality over others.

The morality promotes what is advantageous to the group in our nature, and discourages what is detrimental. It should help human interaction and society: promoting gratitude, help, forgiveness, and opposing violence, cruelty and selfishness within the group. The more human society advances, the more abstract a moral code will become; ownership of tools and land means theft is evil. Trade and travel beyond the community creates a need for a moral code that extends beyond the community. We all learned about the transgressions on hospitality in Greek mythology (“don’t eat your guests” addresses hospitality and cannibalism simultaneously). The Slave Morality plays on the desires and needs of a Slave, the Noble Morality to that of the ruler etc. In our world of shopping, entertainment event and public transport we even have queuing: a moral code via politeness that condemns cutting in line. Politeness is a sign of a strong, successful and healthy society: the moral need is no longer survival, but pleasant behaviour! In morality it “What you should do as an individual. What we ALL should strive for” is “How to survive and how to thrive”.

The banality about religious bans on pork in the desert, due to it being too difficult to keep pigs in such places has often been made on Islam and Judaism. I mention both desert religions because “Deflectors for Islam”, as I like to call them, love pointing out similarities between Islam and Judaism concerning genocide.  The Old Testament does indeed call for the destruction of the Amalekites and more of these horrors we only see implemented by Muslims these days.  The point has been made that this isn’t a danger today because they already succeeded in wiping out said tribes, and because most Jews don’t even seem to be religious. And so people glance at the surface and move on. What is more valuable to consider, is that this barbarism, as well as Islam’s call for conquest, is in an amplification of an innate morality: tribalism. It is persuasive and powerful because it taps into a primal morality. We morally oppose this with our Golden Rule morality. Both are “moral”, but as thinking creatures, we can claim that one morality is not ethical. This does not mean Islamic conquest is merely dangerous and following a backward morality, what makes Islamic conquest successful is its transgression on the base moral necessity of empathy and gratitude in the same society.

The murder of an elderly priest shocked the civilized world. It shocked us not just because the victim was elderly and defenseless, kind by all accounts. The priest belonged to a catholic church that donated land to the murderers’ mosque. It shocked us all the more because Islam transgressed on innate human morality.

How does Islam achieve this? Superficially, one would note Islam seems to find a way to deploy any of its psychopaths in a Jihad. The call for conquest, violence, oppression, slavery, rape and sadism is certainly something that aligns itself with those lacking empathy, thirsting only for thrills. It should also be noted that a system which panders to psychopaths automatically allies itself with people who are naturally disposed to establish dominance and assert their will. Psychopaths might not have the long-term commitment to be devout all their life, but one only needs to be devout for the duration of a single attack. What is far more frightening, once one sees it, is the exploitation and manipulation of human kindness: repaying the donation of land with a ritual murder. A psychopath has no qualms about this, but how is this made into an ideology for the masses?

Obviously indoctrination from birth is how it starts. Those not having their own nature corrupted looking away all the same allows it. But the method to transgress on innate human morality lies in the establishment of mono-cultures. “Westernised” Muslims in Islamic ghettos “integrate” into a culture which enjoys the luxuries of the hated host-nation, but hates the host nonetheless.  Islam teaches to outwardly smile when the kafir can be of use or when it is hoped to convert the unbeliever, but ultimately that the kafirs are the enemy. This is how it can prepare Muslims who are otherwise of sound mental health to transgress on innate human morality. There is no need for gratitude towards the kafir, no Golden Rule, no “has slain all of mankind” when kafir are the enemy. The progression from minority to majority via the womb, the interluding steps of promoting lawlessness, over-representation, special rights and eventually slaughtering the host nation, this mandated contempt for gratitude must be acknowledged. In other words: this is an attack by Islam on the innate human morality of those unfortunate enough to be born where this is proselytized. It will also be an eternal source of suspicion between Muslims and non-Muslims. This exploiting of trust and generosity is so counter to human morality that we simply cannot believe our own eyes when we see it. A psychopath’s actions are equally surreal to mentally healthy people, it is so alien and surreal that societies are too slow to accept the reality of Islam’s stealth Jihad.

Bizarrely and disastrously, the West has managed to transgress even further upon innate human morality. This transgression is most evident in celebrities, establishment media, Merkels and Junckers. But it is also a transgression WE have made. It is the transgression on the true core of morality: LIFE.


The jihadis die for the group; we let the group die for a year, month, a week longer to look away. The suicide of you and me on behalf of the gutmensch.


“Grace, manners, dignity; those are for those stuffy people of yore! Being self-effacing, gutless, defenseless is what a “good” person is. Our heritage separates us from other people, let’s get rid of it! Let’s get rid of our history! Most of all, no group identity for us”

Here we see the death-of-mind, the nihilism of the philistine. The declawing is the sickness-of-spirit that is pacifism. On a practical level any child can see it only works on the requisite that all people adhere to it. For instance, one who promotes pacifism while the Nazi-regime steamrolls over Europe is an absolute idiot on ethics. But this example was not enough to end the sickness. Instead, the great enabler of violence that is pacifism was hailed as the answer to violence; without national conflict, it was proselytized on a social level. Mercy and empathy for criminals, a non-religious theology that asserted less punishment would equal less crime. Commit suicide for the virtue of pacifism! With low crime, pretending this aids the nation is not hard. The social opera of the elite was not yet spoiled by the cries of their sacrifices. But the volume of sacrifice grew exponentially with immigration. Because hostility was invited in, the farce of pacifism disintegrated from the inside. Ever more scaffolding hide its sagging, to hide the termites eating it from within. Even as the political establishment used its media-hemlock on Fortuyn to silence the truth, people did not only live it, people already felt it. We could feel we had been raised to be soft, to be pretty, to be easy. A human petting-zoo. Do a google search on petting-zoos and Muslims, and you will see an analogy of our past 30 years.

We do not just have the RIGHT to live, we have the DUTY. This is the core of morality. Our lives are feeding something precious, despite all the poison of nihilism and pacifism, self-hate en denial. Despite the terror, murder, humiliation and violence at the hands of Islam. Despite the betrayal of our politicians, despite our lying media. Our lives feed a culture of art, love, knowledge, prosperity, kindness, curiosity, humor and laughter. To replace this with a system that seeks base joy through conquest, rape and sadism is a mortal-sin on every level. It is the music of life versus the silence of the dead and the screams of the tortured.



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