A pathology of pretense

Denial as the measurement of morality


Where do pathological narcissists come from? A young child’s continued need to pretend to be something else? Keep this in mind and see the rampant narcissism of the virtue-signalers, how it aligns with taboo. The Western population has been taught it is not simply ugly, impolite or even cruel to say some things, it is a mortal sin to even  be able to think it! How hard it must be for a sensitive child to be taught to think counter to reality. To hate oneself for things they can’t possibly feel any personal guilt or responsibility for. To have to pretend to be lesser. In the very least, we should consider if this might have created local narcissistic personality disorders.


Do not see what you see, think the untrue, be what you are not. No wonder actors and other luvvies call the loudest for others to die; the alternative would be to look at themselves with honesty.


To make matters worse, this zealotry of believing the untrue, this nihilistic tendency to sacrifice humans for a false idea, went unchallenged to the point where we were not just told to tolerate hate, the loss of homeliness, the sense of belonging, safety, dignity; we were told to celebrate it.


Are ALL virtue-signalers heartless enough to cause perpetual suffering for a pat on the back? Enter identification with the aggressor on a massive scale. People who are afraid, who are a bit soft in the head, people who just hope that the sadism might pass them by, people who don’t want to acknowledge the fact they are being humiliated. For decades, attacking the faux-scary groups like EDL was a safe attempt to ingratiate themselves with the aggressors. It didn’t work. It never works. They have smeared and attacked Pim Fortuyn, Ayaan Hrisi Ali, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer,  Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters; Pegida, Sam Harris, Douglas Murray. All this desperation to avoid being a target, to not face their own weakness. With the pretense of opposing fascism they are digging in the dyke that keeps the flood of Islamic Fascism and Native Fascism at bay.


Just what are we pretending to be?








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